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Semi dry (micro cutting oil) cutting

the necessity of dry cutting

in Germany and Northern Europe, the cutting method without cutting oil is the current main topic. The pollution caused by cutting oil is tightening year by year, and all the costs related to the treatment of cutting oil waste liquid are rising

in cutting oil, various high-pressure additives are added to improve machinability, including chlorine high-pressure additives. When the waste liquid of cutting oil is burned, dioxane with high toxicity, carcinogenicity and deformity will be produced. Therefore, non chlorination of cutting oil is urgently required. Chlorine based high-pressure additives have been banned in Germany and Northern Europe for a long time

secondly, the management of cutting oil must be strengthened. For Europe, where most drinking water comes from groundwater, the discharge of cutting oil waste liquid will directly affect the pollution of drinking water. Therefore, not only the random discharge of cutting oil waste liquid is prohibited, but also the spilling of cutting oil on the outside of the machine tool is not allowed. The management and restriction of waste cutting oil after use must also be strictly implemented. It is necessary to reduce the waste liquid of cutting oil. In Germany, to remove oil residue (sludge) from cutting oil waste liquid and use high molecular materials marked by plastics as much as possible is the most effective and powerful way to reduce vehicle weight. The recycling of cutting oil is quite common

these regulations strengthened to protect the environment have increased the total cost of cutting oil equipment, management, waste liquid treatment, etc., thus directly promoting the rise of production and processing costs. It is said that in Germany, the cost related to cutting oil has risen to 15 ~ 30% of the production and processing cost (Figure 1)

therefore, in Europe, the development of tools and tool coatings for dry machining and the development of new cutting oils are being stepped up. In Japan, Professor Yokogawa of Meiji University studied the method of blowing cold air at minus 30 ℃ to the machining point for dry cutting, which has achieved results

although it can be expected to use completely dry cutting in the future, there are still many problems that must be overcome in terms of tool life, machining accuracy, surface finish, etc. to completely dry cutting, it can be expected that cutting oils that do not affect the environment will be converted according to the current situation. In particular, re evaluate the method of using a large amount of cutting oil in the past, and study the moderation, miniaturization and oil spotting of cutting oil

semi dry cutting "Bluebe" method

the most suitable semi dry cutting system is Bluebe micro oil dripping method. Bluebe micro drop oil method is to carry out semi dry cutting through the miniaturization of cutting oil and the fixed-point supply of oil. Strengthening the dynamic management of industry norms is a system that sprays the minimum amount of high lubricating cutting oil on the blade for cutting. Semi dry cutting is formed by the combination of cutting oil with high lubricity and oil feeding device that correctly supplies the minimum amount of cutting oil. Originally, this processing method was developed by the aerospace industry of the United States for the processing of difficult cutting materials

bluebe micro drop cutting oil method has the following characteristics:

1 Using a special oil feeding device, a small amount of Bluebe cutting oil is sprayed into oil mist and coated on the blade. The consumption of cutting oil is 2 ~ 10ml/hour, which is similar to dry cutting. In addition, because there is no large amount of cutting oil, the working environment is improved. Since the chips are dry, light aluminum chips are easy to collect

2. Since the use of cutting oil is very small, there is no risk of fire

3. The consumption of cutting oil is very small and completely consumed, so the costs related to the concentration management, corruption prevention management and waste liquid treatment of cutting oil can be reduced to a very low level

4. Because there is little cutting oil used, the cutting oil adhered to the workpiece is correspondingly reduced, so that the cleaning and sampling of the workpiece can also be simplified

5. Bluebe method cutting oil is based on vegetable oil, which is pollution-free, non-toxic and has no allergy. It is a safe cutting oil for human body

6. As it is a vegetable oil, it is biodegradable and will decompose even if discharged into the surrounding environment

7. Due to its high lubricity, controlling the heat generated by the blade can prolong the service life of the tool

use oil mist supercharger to supply micro cutting oil

in order to make Bluebe semi dry cutting method play a greater effect, in addition, it is also equipped with a special oil feeding device. This oil feeding device has two types of internal oil feeding and external oil feeding (see Table 1). Internal oil supply or external oil supply should be selected according to the machine tool. For example, in machining centers, internal oil supply is used, while external oil supply is used in cases where the function is not available

internal oil feeding external oil feeding spindle unit machining center

spindle unit machining center

CNC lathe

special machine tool with central oil feeding function

circular saw cutter

band saw


general milling machine

General Lathe

boring machine

for the best effect, Bluebe cutting oil should be supplied to the blade, and internal oil feeding is the best.Method. Oil mist supercharger (photo 1) is an internal oil feeding device specially developed for Bluebe cutting oil

photo 1: oil mist supercharger

cutting oil consumption: 2 ~ 10ml/h; Working pressure: 4 ~ 10kg · f/cm

oil tank capacity: 1200ml

the Bluebe oil mist supercharger produces micro particle oil mist, which will hardly adhere to the piping, and it is possible to supply oil mist to the high-speed spindle (rotating speed up to 20000r/min). In addition, the response time is completely the same as the arrival of air. For most piping, the oil mist reaches the blade within 1 second. Oil mist is produced by the pump, so the concentration and quantity of oil mist can be controlled. In addition, in deep hole processing, when high-pressure air is required to discharge chips, the air pressurized by the supercharger can be used to process deeper holes than before

external oil feeder

Bluebe FK oil feeder (photo 2) is used for external oil feeding. FK oil feeder is also specially designed for Bluebe cutting oil (see Figure 2). It has a high-precision pump to send air and cutting oil into the nozzle. Unlike the oil cup type oil mist feeder, its air volume and cutting oil volume can be adjusted respectively. The consumption of cutting oil for each nozzle is 4 ~ 8ml/h, which is very small. It is a small amount of cutting oil that cannot be seen from the front end of the nozzle. FK oil feeder is opposite to oil mist supercharger, which makes the particles of oil mist increase. During external oil feeding, air flow will be generated around the rotary tool due to the oil feeding from the outside of the tool. Large oil mist particles need to break through the air flow to reach the blade. In addition, because the oil mist particles are large, the oil fume is reduced, so there is no need to worry about damaging the working environment

photo 2: FK oil feeder

cutting oil consumption: 4 ~ 8ml/h; Working pressure: 4 ~ 10kg · f/cm

gas consumption: 60l/min; Oil tank capacity: 300ml/950ml/4l

the length of the hose from the oil engine to the nozzle: 3M (can be extended to 10m)

Figure 2 blueB about the relationship between stress and strain when data succumb (when yielding, e FK type oil feeder nozzle. When approaching the front end of the nozzle through the double pipe,

, the air and cutting oil will flow out together. Because the order of the oil particle extruder enterprise will be greatly recovered, which is larger than the oil mist, it is necessary to break through the air flow around the knife

to reach the knife. In addition, because the particles are large, the oil smoke is reduced.

there are some restrictions on the external oil supply method, and the automatic tool change of the machining center may affect the spray There is interference in the nozzle, which is also not applicable to CNC lathes. In addition, it is difficult to send oil mist from the outside to the processing point in the hole processing with drill and reamer. However, the oil mist supercharger with internal oil supply can generally solve these problems

selection of cutting oil

bluebe cutting oil mainly includes steel and non-ferrous metals. LB-1 is used for stainless steel. Alloy steel, steel, etc; Lb-10 is used for non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. No matter which kind it is, it is vegetable cutting oil, which is safe for human body. Because of its biodegradability, it is a cutting oil that helps to maintain a good environment. Because of its very high lubricity, a small amount of cutting oil can work (Photo 3). As a kind of hand spray, paste and solid lubricant are also available (see photo 4)

Photo 3 Bluebe cutting oil LB-1 and lb-10 Photo 4 Bluebe cutting oil used by hand spray

special tools

Bluebe oil mist supercharger and FK oil feeder tools can be used. They are tools and jackets with oil holes sold on the market (see Figure 3)

Figure 3 tools with oil holes

reduce the cost of cutting oil

using Bluebe cutting oil can greatly reduce the cost

usually, when comparing the cost of cutting oil, we only compare the price of cutting oil. However, it is necessary to further consider the total cost related to the whole cutting oil. The cost shall include:

equipment cost of cutting oil tank, circulating equipment or high-pressure cooler of machine tool

cost of cutting oil

expenses of anti-corruption management, concentration management and filter

cutting oil waste oil treatment cost or recycling cost, etc

when Bluebe cutting oil is used, the following items can reduce the cost:

the price of Bluebe cutting oil. In addition, because it is a high lubricating oil, although the price is higher than that of petroleum cutting oil, the amount used is only small

compared with cutting oil recycling equipment, the initial cost of oil feeding device is very small

anti corruption and concentration management of cutting oil are not required

due to the small consumption of cutting oil, cleaning and sampling can be simplified

due to the drying of chips, it is easy to collect, process or remelt

bluebe used to be mainly used for large-scale processed products (building materials) that are difficult to clean. For a long time, because it can only be used for external oil feeder, the available machine tools are very limited. However, in the future, the range of applicable machine tools will be greatly increased by using the oil mist supercharger with internal oil supply, and the fixed oil supply can be adopted for the above processing points

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