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The customer service of the travel company guessed the system password and rushed 13billion game coins to himself.

as the saying goes, gentlemen love money and take it in a right way. As people's voice for the miniaturization of notebook computers, handheld computers and other portable equipment is getting higher and higher, events similar to Hu actually occur every day in various positions in various industries. Life will always give you temptations, but the question is whether we can stick to the most basic cardinal principle. Bring more opportunities

Hu worked as a customer service in a online game company in Shanghai. By chance in early 2016, he guessed the supervisor's background system password, began to recharge his game account, and then sold the game equipment he had hit. On August 22, Hu was arrested by Shanghai Putuo police. In just half a year, he has recharged 13billion game coins, about more than 2 million yuan, and made a profit of more than 200000 yuan from selling equipment

in late August 2016, the person in charge of a travel company located on Zhenbei road went to the Changzheng police station of Putuo District public security branch to call the police: the company has lost 13billion game coins for half a year, about more than 2 million yuan. These game coins have been recharged into seven game accounts for many times

after receiving the report, the police locked the suspect through technical investigation, Hu, one of the company's game customer service

On August 22, Hu came to work in the company as usual, and was arrested by the police as soon as he opened the computer. The police handling the case said: he looked surprised at the beginning, saying that he had always been law-abiding and confused

with the inquiry, Hu realized that he had violated the law

let's move forward a little. In August 2015, Hu came to the travel company where the incident occurred and applied to become a game customer service. In the pre job training, he came into contact with the company's background query system and became familiar with various functions, one of which is the opening function

in short, this function can beat gold coins to assume that the pitch of the ball screw is a, and the step electromechanical experiment requires n pulses to rotate for 1 cycle Whenever the ball screw advances or retreats by 1 pitch, the distance between adjustable ball gaps will increase or decrease A. when the stepper motor rotates for 1 cycle, the number of pulses required when the ball gap distance is d is n=nda Any game account. Hu said that he didn't think much about it at first. However, in early 2016, by chance, Hu logged into the background system again and wanted to use the opening function to recharge his account with game currency, but his account didn't have operation permission. With the idea of trying, he logged in to the supervisor's account and guessed the password at will. As a result, he logged in instantly

I didn't think much. Our passwords are all set by default. Many of them are names spelled with a number. I thought about the supervisor's according to my own, and entered it successfully

after guessing the password, Hu began to recharge crazily. At first, he charged 2million game coins, slowly increased to 5million, and then charged tens of millions. In order not to arouse suspicion, he opened seven game accounts and recharged them every two or three days. In the past six months, he has recharged 13billion game coins

if normal players spend money to buy coins, this amount will cost millions

Hu said that for a period of time, he lived in the days of rushing gold coins at work and fighting equipment at work, and then sold the equipment on the other hand through the Internet: 25 yuan a piece, sold in batches, making a total of more than 200000 yuan. When asked whether he owed money for gambling, Hu shook his head and denied that he just wanted to use the money to decorate the wedding house

if I don't get caught, I won't stop. I will be addicted. Money comes so fast. Moreover, I didn't think it would be so serious, thinking that the company would lose money if it found out

now, Hu is under criminal detention by the police on suspicion of damaging the computer information system. The case is still under further investigation, and waiting for him is likely to be a disaster of imprisonment

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