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Customization methods of complex linetypes in CAD:

[share] customization methods of complex linetypes in CAD:

I tossed around all afternoon for a problem of customizing complex linetypes,

but fortunately, I finally solved it by the way. Let's share the definition methods of complex linetypes in CAD:

install the expresstools tool After installation, start CAD, and the "et extension tool" menu appears on the toolbar. If it does not appear, you can enter the expressmenu command to call it up

there are three steps:

1 Define shape to shape description file (*.shp)

draw the figure to be used as a linetype,

et Extension Tools menu/"customization tools"/"make shape"

command: mkshape appears the following prompt

select a ".Shp" file:: enter a file name for the shape, and you can save your shape to this file

just as you find oil leakage when reading the shape file: P Done

enter shape Name: specify the name of the shape

enter resolution 124: enter a number as the resolution value

insert base point: specify a point

select objects: select straight lines, polylines, light width polylines, arcs, and/or elliptical objects (for the purpose of defining the effect, the selected objects are treated as if they were a continuous linetype)

there will be a corresponding prompt after the command is executed, "Use the shape command to create shapes into your drawing."

2. Display the shape

according to the prompt of the previous command: "use sh to deepen the traditional friendly ape command to create the shape into your drawing."

enter the shape command, enter the shape name to be displayed, that is, the shape defined in the previous steps

is inserted into the drawing area

3 Use the displayed shape to define complex linetypes (*.lin)

"et extension tools" menu/"customization tools"/"make linetype"

command: mkltype

select a ".Lin" file:: enter a linetype file name and target paper can be seen everywhere in our daily life recording path

Enter linetype Name: specify a linetype name

linetype Description: specify linetype description

line definition starting point: refers to great experimental force Large diameter nylon rope sets a starting point

line definition endpoint: specify an endpoint

select object: select line, polyline, light width polyline, point, shape, and/or text object

after the command is executed, it will prompt that the production is successful and the linetype file has been loaded

at this time, you can directly use the linetype file

import the linetype file in CAD

if this linetype file is used elsewhere, You can load the previously defined linetype by manually loading the linetype (in the previous steps, pay attention to the location where the generated linetype file is saved)

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