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Customized service-oriented drive of automotive green plastic solutions

the connotation of customized service-oriented is to take the green "actual demand" and "potential demand" of automotive parts as the center, integrate the principles of ecological environmental protection with scientific and effective modern science and technology integration, and all links of the life cycle such as product design, raw materials, equipment, molding process, logistics, post-treatment, recycling, etc, Based on the value of ecological environment and the full potential of modern science and technology, guided by modern energy technology, material technology, biotechnology, pollution control technology, resource recovery technology, environmental monitoring technology, cleaner production technology, networking technology, digital technology and other science and technology, and taking advanced ecological environment standards as the criterion, we should prevent negative effects on ecology, environment, energy consumption, resources, cleanliness, etc. in advance, Make a complete set of seamless solutions, innovate and create new materials, new technologies, new equipment, new processes, new testing instruments, and provide a complete set of turnkey project solutions for complete sets of technical services from raw materials, equipment, molding technology, technical training, etc., so as to fundamentally protect the ecological environment, prevent pollution, save resources and energy, and finally achieve the maximum utilization of resources and energy The minimization of environmental pollution and emissions leads the sustainable development of the "new normal" of automobiles

in order to adapt to the development of green plastics in automobiles, relevant plastic machinery manufacturing companies at home and abroad actively engage in the development of green plastic parts and components molding equipment for green automobiles, and set up professional research departments to closely cooperate with automobile manufacturers, and continue to innovate equipment, molds, molding processes, etc. according to the development of automobile plastic parts and automobile plastic raw materials

build a custom-made passive service-oriented concept of forming and processing equipment manufacturers

custom-made passive service-oriented forming and processing equipment manufacturers have a set of mature solutions for the research and development of green forming and processing equipment, but they lack solutions for the development and forming processing of automotive plastic parts, and can only develop functional, professional and specialized forming and processing equipment and technology according to the requirements of automotive manufacturers, And endow molding processing equipment and technology with green connotation to realize green molding processing. Domestic molding equipment manufacturers do not understand plastic raw materials and molding process, and it is difficult to independently act as a complete set of solutions for "potential demand". They are all passive service-oriented, and are at the low end of the value chain of automotive parts molding solutions

Dongfeng Renault automotive trim was built by the ju33000ii integrated injection molding production line

on March 24, 2015, Haitian plastic machine completed the commissioning of the first set of ju33000ii integrated injection molding system ("Fenglei No. 1") customized for Dongfeng Renault Automotive Co., Ltd. and officially put into mass production. Ju33000ii integrated injection molding system is a new integrated automatic automobile trim molding production line created by Haitian according to the project requirements of Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd. It integrates injection molding system, extraction system, feeding system, water circulation system, automatic mold change, automatic preheating system, water and air circulation; Don't tamper with the automatic connection and insertion of the electric oil circuit and the automatic exchange of the manipulator and fixture. This set of equipment adopts a special twin-screw design, which can meet the production needs of bumper, backup door, fender and other different raw materials on one equipment at the same time. The automatic molding system has strong adaptability and rapid response, and can realize highly automated production without human intervention in the whole process. The switchable double injection unit structure can automatically convert according to the production operation plan of the injection molding factory, and synchronize with the feeding system and metering equipment; For automotive trim products with different material types, product types and sizes, it can realize mixed line production of multiple varieties, small batches and fast switching

Ningbo Yongsheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. cooperates with BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. to jointly develop special injection molding equipment. According to the very complex particularity of the cavity surface of auto parts, Terry company configures some special function programs: such as multi group core pulling function, timing control function, mold changing device function of injection molding machine, supporting part taking manipulator device function, etc. these special functions have obvious advantages in the production of auto plastic parts

build the concept of customized active service driven by the manufacturers of molding processing equipment

the manufacturers of molding processing equipment with customized active service have changed from passive to dominant in the process of long-term cooperation with automobile manufacturers. They have a voice in the "real demand" and "potential demand" driven by the green plastic innovation of automobile parts, and the functionalization, specialization, and Specialized forming and processing equipment and technology have become the key equipment for auto parts manufacturers to realize the green plastic innovation drive of auto parts, and become the key node in the auto manufacturing chain. The molding and processing equipment manufacturers with customized and active services are internationally renowned molding and processing equipment manufacturers, which are at the high end of the value chain of automotive parts molding and processing solutions, leading the sustainable development of green plastic automotive parts

mucell micro foaming injection molding is an innovative precision injection molding technology, which can significantly reduce the weight of parts, shorten the molding cycle, and greatly improve the warpage deformation and dimensional stability of parts. Engel company develops MuCell microcellular foaming automobile injection molding machine to produce interior parts, foaming structural parts, and highly polished components, which makes it possible for the injection molding of automobile interior parts with a wall thickness of 1mm. At the same time, it can reduce the weight of components by up to 20%, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint. The product design of the duo 600 Pico machine, which is used to manufacture automotive interior and exterior trim parts, pays attention to energy consumption and speed, which can not only shorten the cycle cycle cycle, correspondingly improve production capacity, reduce energy consumption, directly reduce costs, and ensure the competitiveness of products in the market

zhuyoude MAG focuses on the automotive industry that can give full play to the greatest advantages of equipment and provide customers with the greatest benefits, focusing on lighting systems, engine parts, inner ribs and outer ribs. Innovative technology, high-quality product quality and a complete set of systematic solutions make zhuyoude MAG always maintain a leading position in the automotive industry. Continue to develop the energy-saving dynamic self-adaptive adjustment module active drive of hydraulic energy-saving technology, which can provide processed auto parts certificates to obtain the best benefits and minimize energy consumption. Zhuyoude MAG formulates a complete set of solutions for customers, and solves all problems for customers in a timely and accurate manner. For example, German engineers are specially assigned to take these standards into full consideration of social, product performance and environmental protection factors. They are stationed in Molex automotive connector (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. to guide and train employees, solve problems arising in the implementation of the solutions, and propose solutions in time to ensure normal production

based on the particularity of green plastic of automobile parts, with the continuous development of quantification of green plastic of automobile, green plastic molding and processing equipment is gradually separated from general molding and processing equipment and developed into functional, professional and specialized molding and processing equipment and technology in the automotive field

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