Cutting fluid filter of the hottest machine tool

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Machine tool cutting fluid LCD display force value filter edge

vacuum negative pressure filter (vacuum 2, bellows ring stiffness tester) due to the characteristics of the pipe filter, vacuum clarifiers

negative pressure filter is composed of negative pressure working chamber, dirty liquid chamber, liquid storage tank, scraper drive system, waste paper reeling mechanism, filter paper scraping mechanism, electric control system, etc. Under the continuous pumping action of the vacuum pump, the cutting fluid quickly passes through the filter layer and enters the negative pressure working chamber. The vacuum filter pump pumps the clean fluid in the negative pressure working chamber to the upper liquid storage tank. The impurities in the cutting fluid are intercepted by the filter paper to form a filter cake. When the thickness of the filter cake reaches a certain thickness, resulting in a significant decrease in the filtration volume, the pressure in the negative pressure working chamber decreases. When the preset value is reached, the water replenishment system starts to replenish water to the negative pressure chamber, Eliminate the negative pressure. After the negative pressure value is eliminated, the scraper drive system starts to drive the filter paper covered with impurities to move forward for a section, and then enter the next cycle

negative pressure filter can fully improve the utilization rate of filter paper, and the filtration accuracy can reach 15 microns

application fields: grinding, mold washing, parts cleaning, wire drawing

main features:

● uninterrupted liquid supply, unattended, PLC automatic control, automatic fault alarm

● small floor area, which is more economical than the same flow gravity flat filter, and meets the needs of modern industrial development.

● high filtration accuracy, using the filter cake formed by the accumulation of impurities as the precision filter layer, It improves the filtration accuracy very well

● the utilization rate of consumables is high, and the suction of the water pump increases the passing speed of the liquid, which is more economical than the filter paper of the gravity flat filter with the same flow rate

● the refrigeration unit can be added to keep the liquid supply temperature stable if there are other questions

● the magnetic separator can be added to remove the first level impurities to reduce the consumption of the filter paper

● single machine flow from 200 L/min to 10000 L/min

3. Cooling method: air cooling or water cooling

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