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Coromill 690: cutting edge technology of titanium processing

challenge: how to carry out efficient 2D profiling milling on titanium alloy

solution: use special tools (such as coromill 690 long edge milling cutter)

as the global middle class continues to grow, the demand for low-cost air travel is also growing. For example, in Brazil, Russia, India and China, known as the "BRIC countries", more and more people want to get low-cost business travel and vacation services. Air cargo is also increasing. It is predicted that the air passenger volume will increase by 5% annually in the next 20 years, while the air cargo volume will increase by 6%

the global aerospace industry is facing the challenge of how to deal with the relationship between the growing demand for aircraft and today's rising environmental awareness. This requires us to manufacture light aircraft to reduce fuel costs and emissions

for some time, titanium has become one of the preferred materials in the aerospace industry because of its excellent strength to weight ratio. However, it is this attribute that makes aircraft designers dream, making it a nightmare of metal processing. However, with the launch of coromill 690 by Sandvik croman, there is now a special long edge milling cutter that can undertake this important task

coromill 690

the favor of titanium in the aerospace industry may further deepen. In the most advanced aircraft such as Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the amount of titanium has doubled compared with the old models, and in the future, titanium will account for 15% of the aircraft weight

ti-5553 is a new alloy with even better properties. It is increasingly favored in the aerospace industry and is replacing the old powerful material Ti6Al4V. Ti-5553 has excellent strength and high fracture toughness, and is especially suitable for manufacturing components that must bear huge stress, such as structural components and landing gear

the general challenges faced by titanium and the specific challenges of ti-5553 (it is even more difficult to machine) are: each process needs to carry out detailed planning and tool selection according to some established general rules, including: limiting the cutting speed, cooperating with the high feed rate required for good processing, using coolant, maintaining a good chip removal rate, using sharp tools and replacing them when the initial signs of wear appear And avoid interrupting the feeding between the tool and the workpiece during the moving contact process

based on the above considerations, Sandvik chroman designed a new milling cutter coromill 690, which is specially used for efficient profiling milling of titanium parts

One of the main features of coromill 690 is how to eliminate the error of the new cone blade position pressure testing machine, which enables it to resist the axial cutting force, which is the weakness of other long edge concepts in the market at present. As a result, the blade movement is reduced, which improves the safety of the process, improves the feed, and prolongs the life of the tool body, because it prevents the bottom row failure. This new design of four cutting edges brings high production efficiency and economic benefits to the process

another feature of coromill 690 is its optimized chip holding tank. This feature is conducive to smooth chip removal and reduce chip blockage, so as to improve the safety of the process and improve the cutting parameters

due to the heat resistance of titanium, cooling is very important in the processing process. The purpose of cooling is to prevent the blade and tool surface from overheating. Coromill 690 uses end coolant, so that the best chip removal effect can be achieved when square shoulder milling and face milling pits, cavities or full grooves

when cutting titanium metal, the chips are easy to stick to the blade, causing the next round of milling cutter rotation to cut the chips again, often causing the edge line to collapse. Each coromill 690 blade cavity has its own coolant hole/injection to solve this problem and enhance constant blade performance

another ingenious solution is threaded cooling holes. Long edge milling cutters have many blades. Applying coolant to each hole requires a high pump capacity and pressure. The coromill 690 is different. It can block unnecessary holes as needed, so as to maximize the flow to the holes that need it

extruder as a critical processing equipment

in a word, the introduction of a new coromill 690 milling cutter will bring many benefits to aerospace manufacturers if the circular sample is not less than 1. Bringing all these factors together can promote process safety and make the cutter have a longer and predictable life. Coupled with a superb understanding of titanium alloy processing requirements, this special tool solution will support the increasing use of titanium, especially important materials in the aerospace industry such as ti-5553


with the continuous increase of air transportation, the demand for low-cost air passenger transport and cargo is also increasing, and this trend is expected to continue. At the same time, the awareness of environmental protection is also increasing, which puts forward strict requirements for the company to reduce polluting emissions. The use of titanium, which helps to reduce the weight of aircraft, has increased significantly. The new titanium alloy ti-5553 has better properties, but it is also more difficult to process. Sandvik Keleman has developed a special titanium milling cutter coromill 690 to solve many inherent problems in titanium processing

case analysis: saving effect of processing ti-5553

for structural parts made with ti-5553, implementing 2D profiling milling is the difficulty. This process uses coromill 690. This is a long edge milling cutter equipped with keto capto interface (model 8), with a diameter of 84mm and a length of 63mm. The cutting conditions of the process are: the cutting speed is 22 meters per minute, each tooth is 0.13 mm, the radial cutting depth is 6 ~ 18 mm, and the axial cutting depth is 20 ~ 40 mm. The selected blade brand is gc1030. With this solution, manufacturers can increase the production time of each blade by 50%. At the same time, the tool design of coromill 690 can also reduce noise and vibration

coromill 690 technical data

* specially used for titanium processing

* provides a novel blade position to resist axial cutting force

* four edge solution can improve production efficiency and economic benefits

* the optimized chip removal slot reduces chip blockage and improves process safety, And improve the cutting parameters

* the end coolant delivery system has the best chip removal effect in face milling and square shoulder milling

coromill 690 features:

* resist the axial cutting force of degradable environmental friendly plastic bags

* four cutting edges

* the optimized chip holding groove can reduce chip blockage

* smooth chip removal

* end coolant

* each blade cavity is equipped with a coolant hole/liquid injection

* coolant holes are threaded (end)

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