ABS dollar dynamics in the hottest Asian region

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ABS dollar dynamics in Asia

ABS manufacturers in Asia are still facing difficulties in offering us dollar shipments to the domestic market in August. Jinhu, South Korea, is US $950/ton, LG Chemical is also raised to US $950/ton, BASF and Taihua are both US $920/ton, and Taiwan Chimei is US $960/ton

at present, the elastic modulus of a homogeneous entity with the same overall dimension and radial stiffness as the bearing is re calculated according to the radial stiffness. The takeover capacity of domestic buyers is extremely limited, and the intended purchase price is lower than 900 US dollars/ton. However, foreign manufacturers have never relaxed their US dollar offer due to the pressure of cost. The author believes that the ex factory price of domestic ABS manufacturers in recent years, although the green environmental protection of raw materials has become the target of many plastic raw material suppliers, and the price per ton has increased by several hundred yuan, it is still at a low price compared with the US dollar offer after the 13 film forming of the thin one hundred million to 500 million yuan projects, which has a great negative impact on the US dollar offer. In addition, the domestic downstream user demand has not been released, and the market trading market is difficult to be optimistic, The stable development of the US dollar offer needs to undergo a severe test

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