The hottest epoxy resin is widely used in building

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Epoxy resin is widely used in buildings

epoxy resin is widely used in buildings

May 19, 2004

modern cleaner production requires that the workshop floor is clean and wear-resistant, and the indoor air dust content is as low as possible, which is not only the requirement to improve working conditions, but also the guarantee of product quality. Since 1995, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises have begun to implement GMP (good manufacturing process) verification. All pharmaceutical factories are trying to make the hardware and software level of production reach the old GM specification. The most important indicator of cleanliness in the specification is the wear resistance of the ground. The better the wear resistance, the lower the dust emission of the ground, and the higher the cleanliness level that can be achieved in China. For high-level clean places (1. If it is abnormal, please change the socket 00-1000), it is recommended to use non dust precipitation or weak dust precipitation materials; Materials with a large amount of dust can be used in low-level clean places (100000 million); The strong dust separation material cannot be used. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to call and consult the laboratory machine business in places with cleaning requirements

in order to meet the functional requirements of industrial production workshops and the requirements of modern management, floor materials with special properties are often used for floor decoration. Among them, ground coating is an important choice of materials. The floors of many clean workshops abroad also use an integral polymer surface. The Ningbo Council for the promotion of international trade held a press conference, including coatings and veneer materials

floor coatings used in industrial production workshops, also known as industrial floor coatings, are usually epoxy resin coatings and polyurethane coatings. These two kinds of coatings have good chemical resistance, wear resistance and mechanical impact resistance. However, because the cement floor is a porous material that is easy to absorb moisture, polyurethane has poor tolerance to moisture, and careless construction is easy to cause interlayer peeling, pinholes and other ills, and the adhesion to the cement base is worse than that of epoxy resin coating. Therefore, epoxy resin coating should be selected when wear resistance and cleanliness are the main performance requirements, and polyurethane resin coating should be used when elasticity is the main performance requirements

the epoxy resin wear-resistant and clean floor coating is a two-component thick film coating cured at room temperature. The solvent-free epoxy resin coating is usually called "self leveling coating". It was developed and tried in China in the 1980s. At present, it has been widely used in the GMP certification floor engineering of domestic pharmaceutical factories, and has achieved good results

solvent free epoxy self leveling wear-resistant and clean floor coating has many advantages for industrial floors. For example:

(1) the bonding strength with the base is high, the hardening shrinkage is very low, and it is not easy to crack

(2) it is seamless, easy to clean, and does not gather dust and bacteria

(3) high solids, one-time film thickness; Solvent free, low construction toxicity, in line with the requirements of environmental protection for coating VDC

(4) high strength, wear-resistant, durable, and can withstand the crushing of forklifts, carts and other tools for a long time

(5) anti penetration, strong corrosion resistance to chemicals, and good tolerance to oils

(6) excellent constructability and leveling, with good decoration

(7) cure at room temperature and form a film, which is easy to repair and maintain

(8) the surface is flat and smooth with rich colors, which can beautify the working environment

(9) the ground is non-toxic, meets health requirements, and has a certain degree of flame retardancy

(10) for the ground with electrostatic conductive requirements, it can be made into electrostatic conductive epoxy ground coating

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