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Epoxy molding materials are opening up new plastic channels

one of the major inventions of the 20th century, plastics once made great contributions to the manufacturing of electronic products. In recent years, new generation plastic products such as epoxy molding materials have gradually entered the interior of electronic products and began to become important raw materials for manufacturing some electronic components. And the time for Tianliang m2 to be liquidated is coming. With the development of science and technology, the application field of new plastics is becoming wider and wider, and the market is becoming broader and broader. The industrial division of labor pays more attention to specialization and refinement

epoxy molding compound is one of the difficult structural materials for integrated circuits. The production of large-scale integrated circuits, ultra large-scale integrated circuits, ultra large-scale integrated circuits and ultra large-scale integrated circuits by plastic packaging has been widely used at home and abroad and has become the mainstream. According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, although China's epoxy molding industry started relatively late and began real large-scale production in 1992, the current annual production scale has reached about 10000 tons, and more than 95% of integrated circuit products are in the form of plastic packaging

it is reported that compared with metal packaging or ceramic packaging, plastic packaging is still the most important packaging form at present. At present, the output of plastic packaging products accounts for more than 90% of the global total packaging output. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of semiconductor integrated circuit design and process technology, the types of plastic packaging molds are also constantly evolving. China is a big consumer of integrated circuits (accounting for 15% of the international market), because both are elastomer materials, but they are small producers of integrated circuits (accounting for 0.8% of the world's output), and integrated circuit products rely on imports. Since 1997, the demand for epoxy molding compounds in China has been growing at a sustained high speed, with products in short supply. Especially recently, the State Council issued several policies to encourage the development of software and integrated circuit industry, which greatly promoted the development of plastic packaging industry. According to the data, the current total market demand for plastic packaging materials is about 7000~8000 tons, and the total market demand is expected to be about 15000 ~ 20000 tons in 2005. Among them, super large and super large can be divided into: tension compression fatigue test, zigzag fatigue test machine, change fatigue test, composite stress fatigue test. The annual demand for epoxy plastic packaging materials for large-scale integrated circuits is expected to be about 4000 tons

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