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How to find another way out in the field of building reinforcement under the new situation when the price of epoxy resin reaches a new high

how to find another way out in the field of building reinforcement under the new situation when the price of epoxy resin reaches a new high

April 22, 2021

with the economy of our country, no matter how many experimental machines we produce, our testing team has always maintained a high working state, and the rapid development of construction and transportation. In the existing buildings, a considerable part of the buildings are in urgent need of maintenance and reinforcement due to the change of use function, or it is difficult to meet the needs of the current specifications. At present, there are many commonly used reinforcement methods, such as steel bonding reinforcement, carbon fiber reinforcement, etc., but almost every method is inseparable from the participation of structural adhesive. It can be said that structural adhesives play an important role in structural reinforcement

as the resin matrix of adhesives and other materials, epoxy resin is widely used in construction, wind power, coatings and other fields. After the Spring Festival this year, due to the comprehensive influence of various factors, the prices of raw materials such as epoxy resin have increased significantly. This situation has rapidly "spread" to building reinforcement, and even the whole construction and related industries, causing many enterprises to start the "price increase" mode

then, after the price rise of raw materials such as epoxy resin, how much impact will it have on downstream manufacturers such as today's electronic universal testing machine to tell you what methods can improve the accuracy of universal testing machine, building reinforcement and other related fields? How should enterprises in related fields deal with it? Here may give you some answers...

first, the price trend and reasons of epoxy resin

-- the price hit a new high and listened to the "rising voice"

since last year, the domestic epoxy resin market price has continued to rise, and the quotation of some enterprises has stood at 40000 yuan/ton. On April 21, the quotation of epoxy resin was 40500 yuan/ton, a year-on-year increase of 140%. It is reported that the prices of various chemical raw materials have increased over the same period last year, with the highest increase of more than 200%. Among them, solid epoxy resin hit a 15 year high, bisphenol a hit a 10-year high, and titanium dioxide hit a 3-year high

not only in China, but also globally, some international raw material enterprises have also started the price rise mode. Data show that from January 2020 to January 2021, the cost of epoxy resin in Europe increased by 60%, in North America by 40%, and in North Asia by 20%

the main reason for its price rise is from the upstream supply side. Due to the sharp rise in the price of upstream raw materials, the cost pressure forces the relevant manufacturers to adjust synchronously to adapt to the operating costs in the current environment

from the downstream demand side, according to ACMI data statistics, the apparent consumption of domestic epoxy resin in 2020 reached 2.05 million tons, an increase of 19.2% year-on-year

domestic epoxy resin is mainly used in the coating, electronic and electrical, composite materials and adhesive industries. The increasing demand for epoxy resin raw materials for wind power, composite materials and capital construction, while the market competition is fierce, has formed a good support for the epoxy resin market, resulting in the price only increasing

it is expected that in the next few years, composite materials and epoxy resins for capital construction will still be the main fields supporting the growth of epoxy resin production. In addition to the increasing demand for wind power, with the strong promotion of the reconstruction of old urban communities in the country, the demand for epoxy resin will also be greatly increased and its rapid development will be promoted for the urbanization development and construction of building reinforcement and maintenance

in a word, the superposition of factors such as epoxy resin cost and imbalance between supply and demand has continuously boosted the positive mentality of enterprises in the market. Based on this, epoxy resin still maintained an upward trend

second, the impact of price rise on the development of its downstream enterprises

-- cost pressure, which the downstream industry cannot bear.

the price rise of raw materials such as epoxy resin is bound to have a great impact on the downstream manufacturing industry. If raw material prices remain high, downstream industries may be forced to usher in a surge in prices

take the building structure reinforcement industry as an example. On the one hand, epoxy resin, as one of the important raw materials in the building reinforcement industry, is indispensable in many reinforcement and reconstruction projects and belongs to a certain rigid demand. The continuous increase in the cost of raw material procurement by reinforcement material manufacturers will bring huge economic pressure to themselves and have a direct impact on the price system formed by the industry. Although some enterprises have taken various measures, the price of raw materials has risen too fast and too much, which makes it difficult to absorb the huge cost pressure in the short term. Therefore, most domestic reinforcement material manufacturers have recently raised prices or issued price warning notices

on the other hand, in the general environment of rising raw material prices, it will aggravate the polarization of downstream enterprises. Enterprises with technological and quality advantages can offset the rising costs through their own innovative advantages in product research and development and quality. For enterprises that rely too much on low-cost or marketing oriented, the rise in the price of raw materials will inevitably lead to a sharp decline in profits, even large-scale losses, and eventually face elimination, which is tantamount to a "disaster of extinction"

at the same time, the sharp rise in the price of raw materials will not only lead to the increase in the product price of relevant enterprises, but also make some manufacturers with weak quality awareness seek a "new" way out, shoddy, and use low-cost materials to meet fixed profits. In the building reinforcement industry, the viscosity of epoxy resin will affect the viscosity of structural adhesive, and then affect the construction process of structural adhesive. Whether from the perspective of building structural safety or the long-term development of the industry, it can not bring real benign development

of course, we must admit that under the test of the huge price war, the rise in raw material prices not only tests the flexibility of enterprises, but also reflects the core competitiveness of enterprises. Those enterprises that lack core competitiveness and rely on low prices to impact the market are bound to be eliminated, leaving behind brands that are really practical, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape the industry

III. how should downstream enterprises take the initiative

-- innovation and upgrading have become the backbone to promote the development of the industry

after multiple rounds of price adjustment, many downstream enterprises of epoxy resin can not fully absorb this impact, and it seems that they have no choice but to raise product prices. However, we should understand that the "price rise tide" has come. On the basis of price rise, providing value and service to customers is always what a responsible brand should do. Instead of complaining about the rise in prices, it is better to take the initiative to find ways to resolve the crisis

(I) therefore, the jaw should be frequently cleaned, innovated and upgraded to improve product quality and its added value

the quality of products is related to the actual effect of product application, and the selection of high-quality raw materials is the successful guarantee of producing high-quality products. The quality of epoxy resin products is closely related to raw materials, and the improvement of its added value is mainly reflected in the application link

although the output of epoxy resin in China is close to half of the world at present, domestic products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low end, and their quality and stability are still far behind those of international advanced enterprises. In the future, epoxy resin and its product application in China need to enter the stage of quality improvement

facing the problems of when and how long the price of raw materials such as epoxy resin will rise, as its downstream enterprises, we need to think from a long-term perspective. In addition to directly raising the price of products, the best way to resolve the crisis is to enhance the core competitiveness of products and enhance the digestion capacity of rising costs with product power

whether in the building reinforcement industry or other epoxy resin application industries, we need to try to optimize the existing product structure, increase product added value, strengthen R & D and technological innovation, and avoid ignoring product quality problems

for the building reinforcement industry, the main types of straightening devices that insist on using the best raw materials and the most advanced production equipment in the long-term development are: roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); Pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley block); The ultimate beneficiary of this battle is the innovative concept of the winch and the iterative upgrading of innovation and change to fight against the eliminated reinforced material brands brought about by "competition". They can quickly adjust their development strategies, constantly improve the added value of products, move forward, and become the backbone of promoting the development of the industry

(II) establish a standardized cost management system for enterprises to ensure stable supply

in addition to technological innovation, enterprises' strengthening cost management is also one of the strategies to deal with the "rising price tide". Through lean production and refined management, improve the management level, avoid raw material waste, reduce human, financial and material costs, and then compensate for the rising cost of raw materials. Qualified enterprises can also continue to promote intelligent and digital construction, and relieve the pressure on related costs by improving production and operation efficiency

at the same time, enterprises in the fields of building reinforcement and wind power related to epoxy resin need to pay timely attention to the external environment and the changing trend of raw material prices, build a complete raw material supply chain, and cooperate with suppliers with the advantage of scale to ensure the sufficient supply of raw materials and stable quality. Only in this way can we effectively deal with the sudden price rise crisis

in short, the beginning of 2021 is extraordinary, although the rise in the price of epoxy resin has caused panic in the entire upstream and downstream industry, and this phenomenon may continue. However, we should also see a bright future of leapfrog development after the reshaping of relevant industries under the circumstances of extremely fierce market competition and rising operating costs

after all, only a healthy market environment can bring considerable development to the industry. And we also look forward to the day when the whole industry will fully realize this

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