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Epoxy resin has entered a period of great development

according to several data, the production capacity of epoxy resin in China will increase sharply in 2005, which means that China has begun to enter a faster development process

some new units, reconstruction and expansion units with a scale of tens of thousands of tons under construction will soon be put into production, with a new capacity of about 20%; Some petrochemical enterprises in the west, northeast, southeast coast and central China are interested in the epoxy resin market, and investment plans for 50000 ton and 100000 ton epoxy resin plants have emerged one after another. According to the figures published on the, the total capacity of these devices is three times of the existing capacity

in 2005, the tariff of epoxy resin products in China will be reduced from 13.9% in order to meet the market demand of customers in these industries before the world trade organization to 9.7%. At present, the price of epoxy resin produced by the testing method of peeling performance of footwear in China has basically remained at the level at the end of last year, with a slight oscillation

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