The hottest epoxy adhesives emerge in endlessly

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Epoxy adhesives emerge in endlessly

epoxy adhesives, as environmental friendly high-performance products, have always been sought after in the international market, and recently new products have emerged in endlessly. It is reported that they mainly show three trends:

first, the polarization of viscosity and performance. As the name suggests, the well cover pressure testing machine is the equipment for testing the well cover. First, there is a non flowing epoxy resin adhesive, polymer adhesive ep21n, which is a two-component epoxy resin adhesive. It is used for general bonding, room temperature curing or rapid temperature rise curing, and is used in a 1:1 weight or volume ratio. Second, low viscosity epoxy resin, such as industrial low viscosity epoxy resin with excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation at high and low temperatures - Tr boud2211 can be used continuously at 190 ℃, solvent-free and easy to mix, and can be used at room temperature

the new pressure-sensitive adhesive gives transfer printing a new choice of characteristics to meet the needs of label and printing applications. Nacro8684 has high shear, good peeling property, excellent moisture resistance and cleaning and decontamination characteristics. Use structural adhesive for aluminum alloy and then choose deformation; Setting the holding time as 0 seconds, there are also new varieties. One component heat curing epoxy structural adhesive is used for aluminum alloy bonding. The relationship between its bonding durability and the addition of hydroxyapatite (HAP) is studied. The results show that the system containing HAP does improve the bonding durability, which has nothing to do with the surface treatment of aluminum alloy. If there is no HAP structural adhesive, its durability will be significantly worse

there is a new progress in the modification of epoxy resin adhesives by polyacrylic acid particles. The structural differences between epoxy resin adhesives containing polyacrylic acid particles (methyl methacrylate MMA glycerol methacrylate GMA copolymer) and NBP, CTBN modified epoxy resin adhesives were analyzed, and their adhesion properties to aluminum alloys were studied. The results show that the internal stress of NBR modified epoxy resin is significantly reduced and the bonding strength is significantly improved by using the shell core structure polyacrylic acid particle modified epoxy resin adhesive and acrylic rubber modified epoxy resin adhesive. Acid treatment has higher chemical resistance than no treatment

Loctitc and durabond l00ns are a kind of fast semi-automatic impact testing machine. They are mainly used to operate the manual control box by hand to operate the pendulum. They are industrial grade adhesives with working fixation, sky drop, thixotropy and two components. They are used in the fields of parts assembly, equipment, electronic devices and chemical fibers. This product solidifies at room temperature to form a translucent, rigid and machinable adhesive layer. After complete curing, it can be widely resistant to chemicals and solvents and used as electronic insulation products. The United States has also developed a 10min fast fixing epoxy resin adhesive, which is a two-component elastic epoxy resin, suitable for various bonding applications. It has high shear strength, peel strength, impact strength, high chemical resistance and oil resistance

the performance of toughness adhesive is improved. Aiming at the high vibration environment, a low flavor, 5min curing, two-component toughening adhesive is developed. The trade marks are FCO 9508a and curing agent FCO 9508b, which have high bonding strength, shear strength and wet strength. Tra bond F202 is a low viscosity, transparent and clean material. It is specially developed for the application of high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. This two-component epoxy resin adhesive with high bonding strength at 265 ℃ can bond optical fibers and optical materials, including most metals, ceramics, glass and many plastics

the development of special adhesives has received further attention. Among them, the newly developed epoxy resin adhesive for medical equipment - pemabond ae98 is a one component rapid low-temperature curing, which is suitable for the bonding of heat sensitive substances. The curing time between 90 ℃ and 120 ℃ is min. it can be used for the bonding of radioactive containers, detectors and other metal surgical instruments, as well as the casting and sealing of filter structures

acoustic friction is mainly produced in the fluid film formed by the lubricant. It is clear that:

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