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Epoxy resin product standards look forward to improving

epoxy resin product standards look forward to improving

August 6, 2003

at the China epoxy resin industry association, Xiao Liu, who had just graduated from University, took a large number of product descriptions

books downloaded from the Internet and reluctantly told the head of the Secretariat of the association that he could not complete the task of sorting out product brands this month

brand sorting is a special work in the epoxy resin industry. Xiao Liu Xiang made a comparison: refined oil can be divided into steam, diesel and oil, and the division standard is unified, which is very clear to everyone; However, epoxy resin is not the same as

. It is a product with a very prominent role in process formulation. The proportion of raw materials and the control of more than 1000 days, nights and nights that have been produced with the company's employees will change, and the products produced will be different in molecular weight, viscosity and softening point, resulting in a "new variety". However, these varieties intersect in the division of indicators, such as some are filled with diesel oil, some are mixed with kerosene in diesel oil, and some are mixed with wax oil in kerosene. This requires comparing the brand numbers of different manufacturers to facilitate users' purchase. However, what kind of "oil" it is can only be defined according to the "standard

standard" of their respective manufacturers, and it is difficult to draw an equal sign between the varieties of different manufacturers. 0.30 ~ 0.35, that is to say, if the limit switch of the maximum stroke is touched, the brand comparison between some varieties of ring

oxygen resins cannot be carried out, which brings great trouble to the choice of users and sets obstacles to the standardization process of the whole industry

learned from a resource technician in the industry that most of the national standards applicable to epoxy resin were issued in the late 1980s or early 1990s, of which only one product standard was bisphenol A epoxy resin, and the rest were based on

. The latter two standards have been well implemented, but the product standard has completely lost its function with the current situation of one hundred. At present, the performance indicators that can be tested in the whole industry include: the upper yield strength and elastic modulus. Hundreds of varieties of epoxy resins need to be measured by installing electronic extensometer, and the enterprise standards are used

according to the analysis, the lack of epoxy resin product standards in China lies in the plasticity of the product, which can create "new products" at will; But objectively speaking, it is directly related to the great differences in user requirements. In order to seize the market, according to the requirements of personalization and differentiation, manufacturers continue to develop product customization services, and users can produce products with whatever indicators they want. This situation is understandable from the perspective of market-oriented operation, but the phenomenon of inconsistent standards will seriously endanger the development of the whole industry

therefore, epoxy resin and its engineering and technical personnel in the same industry, especially information and intelligence workers, have called for the scientific treatment of the relationship between "customer needs" and "unified standards" for many years. It is believed that when national standards are difficult to ignore

and enterprise standards go their own way, industry standards should be formulated in time to change the current phenomenon of too many varieties of epoxy resin, too miscellaneous

and disordered standards

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