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Anti epidemic, abb electrical service 7x24 hours in action

as covid-19 is rampant across the country, we have experienced a special spring festival together. ABB always pays attention to the development of the epidemic, actively implements ABB's promise of "production, learning and research" in China, and makes every effort to ensure 7x24 hours of service support

in the special period of high failure rate of electronic universal in people's minds, in order to ensure the continuity of power supply and safety of power consumption for users across the country, the service team of ABB China electric division took active action to start the emergency mechanism, provide exclusive guarantee, and work together with partners to ensure that the service support is 7x24 hours uninterrupted and efficient, confirming China's speed

abb Electrical Division Customer Service Center provides

7x24 hour service:


email: CN EP hotline @

in the 400 and service e-express system, ensure that Hubei and national customers receive professional service support in a timely manner

ABB engineers and service providers are on standby to provide reliable services to customers all over the country on the premise of ensuring safety and health

1. Provide distribution equipment security services for the call hub center of China Unicom in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

2. On January 20, Alibaba data center in Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, provided on-site commissioning services for customers of new equipment

3. On January 23, abb Tianjin service provider overhauled the industry customers and actively guaranteed the power supply

4. From January 24 to 27 (from the 30th day of the lunar new year to the third day of the Lunar New Year), abb Shanghai service provider provided support services for China otes Technology Co., Ltd. on site

at the customer's site, during the outbreak, the distribution service team of ABB Electrical Division built a safety defense line and responded to and handled 11 emergency service needs in a timely manner. In Chengdu Metro and Xi'an metro, we are fighting against the current, fighting on the front line, and providing timely and professional services on site. Maintenance of control system:

we are duty bound to ensure the safety of power consumption and provide stable and reliable power distribution guarantee for enterprises fighting on the front line and countless enterprises silently supporting

I hope our perseverance can make a modest contribution to winning this battle without gunsmoke. Let's work together to overcome difficulties

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