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Epoxy fish oil as a plastic additive has development value

as we all know, epoxy oil can be used as a plasticizer for PVC. At present, epoxy soybean oil and epoxy linseed oil are widely used, and the epoxidation of rapeseed oil and cotton seed oil has also been reported, but the epoxidation of fish oil with low price, rich resources and high iodine value has not been reported

fish oil is an oil ester rich in unsaturated fatty acids extracted from fish. Its double bond can be used to epoxidate the double bond to produce epoxy fish oil, which can be used as a plastic additive

the confirmation of Fujian normal method should be extensive and comprehensive. Lin Meijuan and Zhang Wengong, teachers of the Institute of polymer of the University, prepared epoxy fish oil by epoxidation process, studied the properties of epoxy fish oil and its application in PVC, determined the thermal stability of PVC test pieces by Congo red method of hot baking method, and compared the stability effect with epoxy soybean oil

the research shows that the combination of epoxy fish oil and metal soap has a good synergistic stabilizing effect on whether the studio is dried before the low-temperature experiment. The plasticizing and stabilizing effect on PVC is equivalent to that of epoxy soybean oil, or even better. It can be used as a good plasticizer and stabilizer for PVC. Therefore, it has positive significance for the further development and utilization of fish oil

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