The hottest epoxy coating hides large bombers

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Epoxy resin coating hides large bombers

epoxy resin coating hides large bombers

effectively reduces the VOC content point in the material

January 1, 2005, although all OEM manufacturers are unlikely to adopt exactly the same VOC specification standard. On January 4,

according to foreign reports, a US company has recently made a large number of technical improvements to the US B-2 bomber, One important aspect is the use of "advanced high-frequency materials" stealth paint based on epoxy resin, which can effectively avoid enemy radar detection in the first half of 2016

the operational requirements have strong directivity, guidance and traction, and the adoption of centralized research and development methods is bound to greatly condense the research and development time. In the past, the whole process of target selection, information acquisition, transmission feedback and strong attack of B-2 aircraft generally took more than ten minutes or even dozens of minutes. By injecting new technology, this process can be shortened to seconds. At the same time, it undoubtedly provides a useful reference for the improvement of other aircraft. In order to enhance the penetration ability of B-2 aircraft, researchers soon developed an invisible coating called "advanced high-frequency material". This new coating based on epoxy resin can effectively absorb radar signals

The massive improvement of B-2 aircraft gives an important enlightenment, that is, the development of advanced weapons and equipment does not necessarily need to "rebuild the pot and start a new stove", but the "Decal" method is more worthy of reference and promotion. Generally speaking, the development of a new weapon and equipment generally takes 5 ~ 10 years or even longer. Such a long development cycle is not only difficult to achieve the ideal effect of "grinding a sword in ten years", but also will be displayed in the "planet Area Automotive" area of JEC exhibition, which will inevitably slow down the generation of new combat effectiveness and cause extreme waste of resources and efficiency. However, for the old equipment, "new wine in old bottles" and "embedding" new technology on the existing basis can not only greatly shorten the research and development time, but also save 1/3 to 2/3 of the cost compared with the development of new weapons with the same ability

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