The hottest epoxy resin market continues to be the

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In the epoxy resin market, the main

&em Park signed a petroleum cracking catalyst project SP with a total investment of 243million US dollars with CNPC groups; Domestic liquid epoxy resin factories maintained a high level or continued to increase, and the market followed suit. Up to now, East China liquid epoxy resin has been continuously negotiated to be bottled at about 24000 yuan/ton. In terms of factories, the offer is mostly at yuan/ton, and the supply is limited, so the delivery needs to queue up. Among them, the mainstream negotiation of solid resin is about yuan/ton (delivered by acceptance). The current orders of the factory have increased compared with the previous period. In addition, the upstream raw materials also show signs of warming up, and the rise of epoxy resin is obvious

downstream industries such as electronic and electrical coatings have increased demand for epoxy resin, and factory shipments are pressureless. Under the tight supply, the liquid epoxy resin market rose significantly. With the previous wave of decline, the inventory of downstream factories was basically exhausted, and the epoxy resin market fell to the break even point. Some factories reduced the operating rate by a single discussion. After the short price balance period, the terminal procurement gradually recovered, but a few factories were affected by extreme cold weather, and the equipment failure was caused by the epidemic. The holiday of factory operating rate reduction was approaching the logistics tension, The demand for inventory increased, while the inventory of epoxy resin was not large. When a wave of demand came, factories had to queue up to pick up goods. Under the tight supply, factories have raised their offer to yuan/ton

in terms of devices, Huangshan Jinfeng 15000 ton solid epoxy resin device resumed operation

raw material bisphenol a rose again, with a significant rise in the opening of this week. The offer of the shipper was not the highest, but higher. The 1380 tensile testing machine can be equipped with different fixtures, accessories, two-point extenders, and load yuan for various tests. Yuan/ton was reported. If it was damaged, it should be replaced in time; Secondly, check whether the joint of the oil system is a tightening plate. The mentality of the shippers is good, and the driving atmosphere is strong. The mainstream transaction is at yuan/ton. In terms of factories, Lihua yiweiyuan offers 13500 yuan/ton, while other factories are still in the situation of suspending offers. In terms of the market, the offers in East China and North China remain at yuan/ton. Another important raw material, epichlorohydrin, maintained a weak market, with narrow downward changes and high yield strength and hardness. At present, epichlorohydrin closed at yuan/ton

it is estimated that the short-term liquid epoxy resin will maintain yuan/ton

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