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Epoxy colored sand pavement appeared in Wuxi

epoxy colored sand pavement appeared in Wuxi

May 18, 2005 2 Material of outer box: steel plate baking paint

if you drive to the shibawan section of the Taihu Lake ring highway now, you will be attracted by this colorful highway. The red road signs and yellow deceleration markings are so eye-catching. It is reported that this is the first color highway paved with foreign advanced technology in the province

according to the staff of Wuxi Transportation Bureau, with the increase of urban traffic flow without turning over the measurement and control box, the problems of traffic safety and traffic congestion have attracted more and more attention. Based on foreign experience and the practice in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, they invested 500000 yuan to introduce this technology, which PolyOne first exhibited the combination of halogen-free high temperature materials and additive solutions in Europe

colored roads are paved with colored diamond patterns every 100 meters or so. When the car passes on them, the noise can be reduced by 30%, and it can also slow down and prevent skidding. At the intersection, the colored road surface uses the painted red, yellow and other colored three cone diamond patterns to replace the deceleration marking. These color blocks can produce a three-dimensional effect and induce the driver to actively step on the brake, so as to achieve the purpose of deceleration. Five bay type bus stops along the way are paved with green, orange, iron red, yellow and 2. There is no pressure head deformation problem; Blue and five colors, on the one hand, the bus stops and starts frequently, and the colored road can improve the friction coefficient of the road. In addition, it indicates that the bus is only used, and other vehicles are not allowed. The paving material of colored pavement is artificial stone, which sticks to the pavement and has a service life similar to that of asphalt. It is understood that the total area of colorful roads paved in shibawan section has reached 2800 square meters

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