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Lovol people are on the move for epidemic prevention. Lovol people are on the move for epidemic prevention. Lovol people are on the move for epidemic prevention. Lovol people are on the move for China Construction machinery information. Lovol Arbos, which was originally planned to start after the holiday on January 31, 2020, also postponed the resumption of work because of the COVID-19. However, in this modern agricultural equipment production plant, a group of people have never rested, There is a force that has been working hard for the resumption of work after the holiday

the staff of the epidemic prevention working group who set an example for everyone and stick to the front line

since the holiday before the Spring Festival, Lovol has set up a special epidemic prevention team. When everyone is celebrating the new year, they have been sticking to their posts, looking for channels to buy all kinds of protective equipment everywhere, and constantly communicating with local organizations at all levels about protective measures

as a production enterprise of agricultural equipment, Lovol people all know that people miss the place for a while, and the place misses the person for a year. After the Spring Festival every year, it is the busy time of spring farming across the country. Therefore, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment officially resumed work on February 10, 2020, and from the epidemic prevention team to logistics personnel, they are contributing to the normal production and operation of the factory

as a member of the epidemic prevention control team, Li Xingang has been fighting on the front line of "epidemic" since the establishment of the epidemic prevention working group. He said: first, we checked every employee, and required to truthfully fill in and report the physical condition information every day. We took the temperature of every person entering and leaving the factory, disinfected and checked all vehicles, cut off the source of epidemic transmission, and resolutely prevent the infection of imported viruses. In this invisible battlefield, all Lovol people stood on the front line of epidemic prevention of the company and actively fulfilled their respective. I believe that with their efforts, the horn of victory will blow all over the north and south of the motherland together with the spring breeze

race against time, improve efficiency, and boost production capacity

spring ploughing is the right time. How to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control while meeting production needs has become a problem in front of everyone in Lovol. The land is waiting to be taken care of, and the agricultural machinery can't be delayed. As an important production and assembly workshop, the wheel machine factory is responsible for the production of wheat machinery. At this time, it is the peak season of spring ploughing and preparation. There is a great demand for agricultural machinery, and a large number of orders are waiting to be delivered

Tian Dongyang proudly said: we go all out to improve production capacity while ensuring product quality. We integrate human resources to produce wheat machines. On the day of resumption of work, the output reached 30 sets, and the average daily production capacity increased by 15%

as the first line of epidemic prevention, quality assurance and order guarantee, the workshop, with the joint efforts of all Lovol people, interprets with actions that we should work hard and dare to act. On the premise of ensuring the health of employees, we should ensure that the quality and products are delivered on schedule, without delaying customers' car collection, let alone the land and good season

orders are calling, spring ploughing is in full swing

Tianchou is dyed green, and spring ploughing is at the right time. One agricultural machine Mercedes Benz in the fertile field of thousands of miles. Lovol Arbos tractor factory machines roar, the same school of prosperity, so customers trust us like. "Before and after spring ploughing, it is the time when the tractor orders are the most. The factory operates at full capacity to ensure the execution rate of order production and escort the smooth progress of spring ploughing." Liu Ruwei, purchasing director of Lovol Arbos, introduced

"Lovol tractors have more than 100 models, involving tens of thousands of parts, and suppliers are distributed all over the country. At present, the suspension of supply by one company will affect the production of complete vehicles, so we must ensure the integrity of the supply chain." Liu Ruwei said, "for example, the parts supplier of the transmission module is in Hubei. Affected by the epidemic, there is no class 3 product in a short period of time, which is mainly used for general laboratory machine transit production. We coordinate with suppliers in Shandong, Zhejiang and other places to restore supply in time." With the cooperation of local governments, Lovol ensures the supply of parts and components by storing in advance, transferring nearby, and coordinating orders. China has complete production of relevant parts and complete industrial chain, which also eliminates the worries of the factory to ensure the smooth completion of subsequent orders

work with one heart and one mind. The more difficult and dangerous it is, the more forward it will be! Winning the battle of resuming production under the epidemic will be a tough battle for the company and even the whole industry. As long as all Lovol people work together and unite as one, they will be able to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and achieve various production goals

the epidemic situation shows the truth, unite as one, overcome difficulties together

speaking of unity, let's talk about our partners. On February 8, 2020, Hebei Heiyi Rubber Co., Ltd. donated more than 30000 masks to Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment free of charge at one time to solve the urgent need for epidemic prevention and resumption of work and ensuring the safety of employees

after receiving the mask, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment immediately sent a letter of thanks to Hebei Heiyi Rubber Co., Ltd. Li Jinliang, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, said that the small mask is not only a protective article, but also the greatest concern and support for the resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment! Thank you very much for your great help to Lovol from Hebei Heiyi Rubber Co., Ltd

Hebei Heiyi Rubber Co., Ltd., as an excellent partner of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, explains what it means to be responsible with selfless dedication

the war "epidemic" resumed work. The Lovol people united as one and took many measures at the same time to fight the battle of resumption of work and production! In the face of difficulties, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment will continue to forge ahead. Researchers from the former Singapore University of technology and design (sutd) have developed a line of reprocessable thermosetting 3D printing materials (3dprts), which will continue to contribute to the development of modern agriculture! (Wang Hui)

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