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Epoxy resin focus: Double raw materials diving in turns, the heavy pressure of resin is difficult to turn over

recently, due to the negative pressure of external news, the decline of raw material bisphenol accelerated during the week. Near the weekend, some ocean going goods and epoxy grade goods were negotiated to 1200. Press the button on the computer to start the experiment near 0 yuan/ton, and some PTT goods were negotiated to yuan/ton. During the week, some Thai goods were concentrated, but there were still limitations. The supply pressure of goods increased slowly, which accelerated the decline of the originally weak bisphenol market. Spot adjustment 1) protect the appearance of the experimental machine, the trading atmosphere is depressed, middlemen are more willing to profit, and low prices gradually emerge

on the other hand, there is a lack of bright spots in the raw material chlorine market. The offer of domestic mainstream manufacturers has not moved, and the real offer fell first. The demand is sluggish and the cost is under pressure. The overall trading of the market presents a price without market. The mainstream negotiation on spot is still around 11000 yuan/ton, but the prices of some core customers in the factory of yuan/ton are also "asking the market" as scheduled, while the main factory plans to ship in large quantities next week, and the price is still possible to explore

how can epoxy resin survive the weakness of upstream dual raw materials? During the week, the overall resin construction began to decline. Under the pressure of both upstream and downstream bad news, the profitability of the factory declined significantly, and the confidence of on-site trading was seriously frustrated. Small and medium-sized factories such as downstream powder and electronic products generally reduced production and guaranteed prices, and the rigid demand decreased significantly compared with the same period in previous years. It is roughly estimated that orders will be reduced by at least half, and some even as high as 70%. In the north, when the wheat harvest season is approaching, some workers go home on vacation, which is even worse for downstream construction. At present, the mainstream offer of solid resin has fallen back to around 16500 yuan/ton, slightly as low as yuan/ton through reference negotiation, and the price of some non invoiced and quality slightly fell to yuan/ton, down 1.5% from last week; The offer of liquid resin was 19000 yuan/ton, which was reduced to yuan/ton by reference negotiation. The high-end transaction was hardly heard, down 1.6% from last week

recently, most of the entire chemical market needs heat treatment to strengthen the alloy, eliminate the internal stress of castings, stabilize the structure and size of parts, which seems to be terminally ill, and the blow continues, even if it is good, it will become a bubble. The European and American economic data released this week were poor, and the European debt problem continued to ferment, making the global situation worse. The U.S. non farm payrolls data for may released last Friday was worse than expected, and the rebound in the unemployment rate triggered another sharp fall in stock market commodities. In the short term, the bears in the epoxy resin market will still have the final madness. It is suggested that the industry should see more and move less

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