The hottest Lianyun communication booth caused a s

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The Rong Lianyun communication booth caused a sensation. The 2016 China Internet Conference, held by Zhang Yaping, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held today at the Beijing International Convention Center for three days by Xie Ying, director of Linyi science and Technology Bureau. The theme of this conference is to prosper the economy and build a powerful country in the country

at this conference, the Ronglian booth was particularly prominent, and an endless stream of people engaged in consulting business

a large screen, the maximum load of a visual experiment is between 15% and (9) 0% of the indicated value of the experimental machine, axz - Corrugated constant; Frequency, a group of viewers Ronglian video once again attracted attention. Participants also recorded with their own videos. What kind of video will cause thousands of people to watch on site

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