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Lianxin Technology launched the first 64 bit LTE CAT6 SDR SOC chip in China, which can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the film. It is the core enterprise of Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datang Telecom) in the field of mobile communication chips. Lianxin Technology launched 4G smart terminal base band chip lc1860 in 2015, which helped Hongmi 2A break through 10 million sales throughout the year with its excellent performance, and was unanimously recognized by the industry. In 2016, Lianxin technology carried forward the craftsman spirit of excellence, took the application of intelligent terminals as the core, and further expanded to the fields of car service, smart home, UAV, robot, ar/vr, etc. Recently, Lianxin Technology launched the first 64 bit LTE CAT6 SDR SOC chip lc1881 in China

as the first 64 bit commercial SDR chip in China, lc1881 is the first LTE Cat 6 SDR SOC chip supporting 64 bits launched after lc1860, which is of milestone significance. It not only has the advantages of high integration, easy expansion, broadband, low power consumption, strong computing power and communication processing ability, but also is a scalable, tailorable and customizable chip product

Lianxin LTE SOC solution is fully upgraded

lc1881 has a leading LTE SOC chip architecture design, Integration a State Council document No. 46 specifies in the utilization of thermal insulation materials "The external insulation material 1 of new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects shall not use flammable materials P and modem, which can greatly improve the chip integration and reduce power consumption and cost. The CPU adopts a unique eight core cortex-a53 core design architecture, which can flexibly call eight cores or only one small core according to different data processing loads, with excellent power consumption advantages. At the same time, the SDR software radio technology of lc1881 adopts the combination of vector processor and general DSP Combined with the architecture, it has strong data parallel access ability and super computing ability, which provides a good supporting platform for the realization of SDR technology. When lc1881 is applied to a new field, it only needs to reprogram to realize various processes corresponding to this field, without designing a new hardware accelerator or re streaming

as people have higher and higher requirements for wireless communication quality and data transmission rate, carrier aggregation (CA), as one of the important technologies of LTE-A, has the characteristics of integrating wireless channels within and across frequency bands. Lc1881 adopts 2*20 dual carrier aggregation, with a downlink rate of 300mbps, and supports volte. After the application of carrier aggregation (CA) technology, the 4G network is like a single lane becoming a multi lane, and the up speed is doubled

with the development of mobile Internet, mobile video has entered the era of Full HD. Lc1881 added H. 265 encoding and decoding technology,. H。 265 can realize 720p (resolution 1280*720) ordinary high-definition audio and video transmission using the transmission speed of 1~2mbps, compared with H. 264, which can save more bandwidth. Under the same image quality, the h265 video size will be reduced by about%. When the code rate decreases by%, H. 265 the quality of encoded video can also be compared with H. 264 encoded video is similar or even better, and watching video will have higher image quality

at the same time, lc1881 can support FHD Full HD image display, which is easy to operate. The image processor is further upgraded to support two-way 1080p camera. The new PDAF phase focusing and hardware HDR high dynamic range technology can greatly improve the user's camera experience

on the peripheral interface, the maximum transmission bandwidth of lc1881 upgraded from USB2.0 to b2.0 is 480mbps, while the maximum transmission bandwidth of USB3.0 is as high as 5.0gbps. USB3.0 brings faster transmission speed and stronger power transmission. The new type-C solves the worldwide problem that USB can never be inserted accurately, and realizes the arbitrary insertion of front and back sides

in the future, Lianxin technology will closely follow the new trend of technology, work with partners in various fields to launch benchmark consumer electronics products, and based on the SDR technology platform, continue to expand in the industry, vehicle, industrial robots and other fields, serving the national strategy of interconnection + made in China

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