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Lianxin Zhicheng joins hands with Haidu to build a 95060 public service cloud platform

how to effectively connect the demander and supplier of domestic and government services? How to optimize services and maximize benefits? It is a common life experience for many citizens to call 95060 to solve the needs of services ranging from sanitation and cleaning to government complaints

Haidu: at present, paper enterprises still mainly use high-priced stock pulp to advertise low profit services

Fujian Haidu Public Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haidu public), which is jointly funded and established by Fujian newspaper group and Strait metropolis newspaper. Over the years, it has expanded the connotation of public services, integrated multiple channels, established a cloud livelihood service center, relying on the strong brand value and social credibility of the media group, In line with the altruism of being a service industry and an industrial ecosystem, we will meet the public needs of the government, enterprises and citizens in public opinion, government affairs, housekeeping, pension, medical care, public welfare and other aspects 24 hours a day, and realize the platform operation of the most grass-roots livelihood services

up to now, Haidu public has provided services in more than 50 cities in 9 provinces across the country. Through 95060 cloud call center, mobile Internet and other online and offline channels, it provides urban families with diversified domestic services, home care, government services, health management, love and public welfare and other fields

one, deal with big and small matters

mycomm cloud call center can realize 95060 unified number access, allocate different types of problems to different enterprises for processing, provide a unified window externally, solve public problems ranging from sanitation and cleaning to government complaints, and raise no unreasonable customers to improve their external service image

connect people and enterprises on one side and businesses, government departments and social organizations on the other. Haidu public realizes the seamless connection between the two with the help of mycomm cloud call center platform, and realizes the optimization of services through standardized training, operation and supervision system, so as to realize the platform operation of the most grass-roots livelihood services such as housing, transportation, medicine and maintenance

1. Convenience service

find an hourly job to do sanitation, and find someone to repair when household appliances are broken. Every family has similar needs, but who can do it is usually out of mind; There are a large number of self-employed businesses and businesses that can provide such services, and there is often no suitable channel for promotion

the interior of the washing machine needs cleaning. Chen Wei, a citizen of Fuzhou, called 95060, and the master quickly came to serve. Two days later, 95060 paid a return visit. The service of 95060 is standard and careful. Previously, in other places, 3. Quenched parts should not be annealed and blackened due to grinding. It is difficult to supervise the level and charge of housekeeping services

2. Government services

mycomm call center cloud platform reengineers service processes and improves service efficiency. Take 12345 mayor of Sanming City as an example: in the past, it was answering during working hours, but now it is 24 hours; In the past, there was only answering, but now there are voice messages, faxes, messages and other ways to reflect; In the past, it took some time for the government departments to give feedback to the claimants. Now, it will be given back to them at the first time

collect appeals and follow-up feedback, and become a good helper of the government with professional services. After cooperating with mycomm, government departments can devote more energy to implementation

3. App order dispatch service

mycomm call center is based on self-development at the bottom, has its own intellectual property rights, can provide sound development interfaces and rich development tools, fully support existing development methods and achievements, and has the ability of dynamic expansion and adaptation

in this scheme, the mycomm call center cloud platform not only supports services, but also interfaces with the app client to achieve unified coordination and distribution of order dispatch data. After the order is dispatched to the engineer, the engineer will provide services on site. After the service is completed, the app end work progress will be changed to complete, and then the system will feed back to the seat staff, who will then pay a return visit

mycomm call center product advantages

improve corporate brand image

improve customer response speed and quality

optimize customer service experience

multi channel communication platform

targeted active customer care

improve customer satisfaction

improve work efficiency

reduce management and operation costs

improve property management

provide data analysis for real estate marketing

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