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Liaocheng, Shandong Province: all pesticides containing paraquat will be banned by the end of September next year. Release date: Source: Liaocheng evening news

in order to prevent paraquat from harming people, song Xuan, a member of the Liaocheng CPPCC, submitted the proposal on strengthening the management of paraquat pesticides during the two sessions this year. In response, Liaocheng agricultural and rural Bureau replied that all pesticides containing paraquat would be banned by the end of September next year

song Xuan said in the proposal that although the production, sale and use of paraquat in the market have indeed been banned, the substitute of paraquat "dizakuai" has been quickly put on the market, and its effective ingredient is still paraquat. After oral poisoning with this pesticide, it is still paraquat poisoning in fact, and the hope of survival is slim. At present, the European Union will no longer approve the reappraisal applications of herbicides diquat and glufosinate. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of paraquat pesticides and strengthen the farmers' awareness of paraquat pesticide poisoning. At the same time, the national pesticide regulatory authorities and production enterprises should implement the national regulations and do a good job in the delisting of paraquat drugs

Liaocheng agricultural and rural Bureau replied that paraquat can quickly kill all kinds of weeds. The drug itself is absorbed and passivated in the soil, which does not harm plants, and there is no residue in agricultural products. However, the only drawback is that paraquat is highly toxic to humans, and there is no specific antidote at present. According to the requirements of the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the sale and use of Baicao dehydrating agent in China will be stopped from July 1, 2016. The registration certificate of paraquat sol expired on September 25th, 2018, and the continuation of domestic registration and use is no longer approved. The sale and use of paraquat sol in China will be prohibited from September 26th, 2020. In other words, in fact, after September 26th, 2020, all pesticides containing paraquat will be completely banned from sale and use in China

according to the requirements of the national and provincial agricultural departments, the city has carried out many cleaning and inspection activities for paraquat. For paraquat water agent products, clean up comprehensively, and for paraquat sol agent products, strictly implement fixed-point operation and real name purchase. During the activities, the county (city, district) Agricultural Bureau, the Agricultural Office of the Municipal Development Zone and the rural security office of the township (Office) carried out a comprehensive cleaning and inspection of all pesticide stores in their respective jurisdictions, focusing on whether there was any "hidden sale" or "storage" of Baicao dehydrating agent. At the same time, we strengthened the daily supervision and management of the production enterprises and business units of herbicides such as diquat, glyphosate and glufosinate, comprehensively inspected the raw material purchase, production, sales and procurement records of the production and business units, and sampled and tested the suspected pesticide samples to strictly prevent the illegal addition of paraquat although it was negatively affected by high investment and foreign exchange. At the same time, publicity activities were also carried out by printing publicity materials, distributing clear paper, dispatching publicity vehicles, rural radio and other means, and new media such as, microblogging, and stations were fully used to carry out paraquat publicity activities, which really mobilized everyone to participate in the supervision and management activities of Paraquat, and improved farmers' awareness of paraquat pesticides

in the future, Liaocheng agricultural and rural Bureau will, as always, strengthen the supervision and management of paraquat products. In addition to confiscating the PMMA CL products with high refractive index, suitable hardness and good biological affinity, the person in charge of the store will be severely punished in accordance with the newly revised pesticide management regulations. We will do a good job in limiting the use of pesticides and the problems that need to be paid attention to in the storage and operation of the electronic universal testing machine, so as to ensure that paraquat sol is operated at a fixed point, purchased in real name and traceable throughout the whole process. We will do a good job in recommending alternatives to pesticides for Baicao dehydrating agent, so as to ensure the good operation of agricultural production in the city

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