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Mycomm has reached a cooperation with Shibao

Beijing Shibao Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by well-known domestic insurance companies and Internet companies. China Zhongwang also launched technical cooperation with Volvo and BYD to provide users with preferential, convenient, fast and safe services and guarantees, and used the most advanced Internet technology to encrypt and protect data. By combining Internet services with Internet insurance, China Zhongwang has created a real Internet insurance service ecosystem platform

Shibao is committed to the innovation and development of Internet insurance and service business, integrates all-round online and offline services, provides users' personal protection while providing all-round user services, and is committed to building an Internet insurance service platform that users trust. With the accumulation of traditional insurance genes and the acquired Internet genes, SIPC has jointly achieved its unique advantages in the field of Internet insurance services. Always on the contrary, the higher The calculation formula is: ha=100- l/0.025 in addition to continuously improving and innovating products, Baobao will accelerate the launch of more insurance service products that fit users and the Internet Ecosystem, and make every effort to create convenient Internet insurance products and the ultimate user experience and services

in order to better serve customers, on July 20, 2016, we officially reached a cooperation with mycomm in the customer relationship management system (mycommcrm). Based on the SOA architecture system, the mycommcrm business application platform has a powerful workflow engine. If the graphical work is too noisy, it is very inconvenient for work. Process design, WYSIWYG form design, perfect and secure authority distribution system It has many functional highlights, such as super pressure resistance, which can realize the construction of the system without programming. It is an efficient, powerful and open development tool for enterprise information management application development. Its flexibility ensures that the system developed based on the platform can be used in. Net platform and J2EE platform

mycommcrm business application platform realizes business oriented and business driven software development, fundamentally solves many problems in the development of management software, and enables the enterprise information system to truly realize the information strategy of user control, change as needed, and overall planning. It is inevitable that users do not understand some of the use skills of the product and integrate as a whole. Permeate the whole life cycle from the design, development, debugging and deployment of management software to operation, maintenance, control and governance

mycommcrm platform can quickly provide a series of business functions for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as customer management, business consulting, business query, work order record, order dispatch, return visit, etc. it is a completely user-oriented industry solution

I believe that the launch of mycomcrm at Shibao is another accumulation for Lianxin Zhicheng, about professional skills, industry qualifications, industry praise, good service quality, and our strength to create win-win results

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