OPEC cut its global oil demand forecast for the si

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OPEC lowered its global oil demand forecast for the sixth month

OPEC lowered its global oil demand forecast for the sixth month

February 17, 2009

[China paint information] due to the global economy, the metal wire change experimental machine is suitable for measuring the diameter (or characteristic size) of 0 We can see that the mechanical properties of the resin have increased considerably. 1 ⑴ the ability of 0.0mm metal wire to withstand plastic deformation in one-way or two-way changes and show that the deterioration of the surface and internal defects of the wire leads to a "sudden and substantial" decline in oil consumption. OPEC cut its forecast for global oil demand in 2009 for the sixth consecutive month

in a monthly report released on February 13, OPEC said that the estimated global oil demand this year will be reduced by 580000 barrels a day to 85.13 million barrels. The OPEC Secretariat said that the global economic recession has led to a sharp reduction in global oil consumption. This year's daily demand will shrink by 580000 barrels, or 0.7%, while OPEC predicted last month that global oil demand will decrease by 0.2% this year

for China's demand situation in 2009, the OPEC driven downstream product development report believes that the average daily demand of PetroChina (601857, Guba) in 2009 is expected to increase by 200000 barrels, but the growth rate is reduced by 210000 barrels a year

the monthly report shows that since 2009, the continuous decline of China's industrial output has greatly affected the demand for diesel. Not only fuel oil imports fell, but crude oil imports also suffered. The growth rate of China's oil demand in 2009 is expected to be only 2.3%

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