Only two of the hottest green coatings in Shanghai

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Only two "green" coatings have been certified in Shanghai

everyone in today's housing decoration hopes to use green and environmentally friendly coatings and enjoy a pollution-free life. But whose product is the real environmentally friendly coating? At the 6th China International Coatings exhibition, which opened a few days ago, five or six manufacturers in Shanghai alone successively boasted themselves as certified environmental protection coatings. However, according to the China environmental standards Product Certification Committee in the next 10 years, there are only two environmentally friendly coatings with the "China environmental mark" in Shanghai

compared with the two existing environmentally friendly coatings in Shanghai, they are therefore welcomed by the market. The "environmentally friendly coatings" at the paint exhibition a few days ago, without exception, use the words of environmental protection and green. As for where the paint itself is green and environmentally friendly, most manufacturers are evasive. According to the explanation of authoritative people, environmental friendly coatings refer to breakthroughs in water-based, solvent-free and powdered coatings. According to Secretary General Li of the Xuhui District Consumer Association, paint manufacturers, both internal and external, have been thinking a lot about green "packaging" in order to meet consumers' desire for green environmental protection. Some openly counterfeited the "China environmental mark", printed the striking words "China environmental mark" on the outer package of the paint, and some even fooled around with the environmental protection mark of green food

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