Only Sany full hydraulic can focus on these three

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Only Sany full hydraulic can achieve these three points, and 21 years of focus is not in vain

these three points can be achieved only by SANY full hydraulic, and 21 years of focus is not in vain

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as we all know, full hydraulic has become the general trend, and many of the original positions can't stand "massive sand washing" and begin to change their thinking and start full hydraulic. But at present, the full hydraulic market can be described as a mixture of good and bad, with major brands and miscellaneous brands of "cabbage price"

"do you choose cheap brands or big brands?", If it is a big brand, which one is more valuable and cost-effective

don't list too many, just list three. Among many brands, only Sany can do these three. We have strict data support for each item, not just shouting slogans, real technology, real quality


the starting vibration time is only 2.5 seconds

unlike other road vehicles, its biggest feature is that the vibrating wheel needs to start and stop vibration frequently when compacting the road surface. Generally speaking, it takes up to 8 times of starting and stopping vibration to compact the pavement back and forth for 4 times

therefore, the starting and stopping vibration time directly affects the pavement compaction flatness (the shorter the time, the better). Sany's unique patented vibrating wheel technology and hydraulic control technology have shortened this time from 5 seconds in the industry to 2.5 seconds, greatly improving the flatness of the compacted pavement

a-type machine 1 is generally not used or eliminated now. It is like a sports car, which is fighting for the acceleration time of 100 meters


the maintenance cost is the lowest in the industry

Sany full hydraulic single steel wheel not only leads the industry in construction efficiency and performance, but also has the lowest maintenance cost in the later stage. In addition to the routine maintenance of the engine, rear axle and hydraulic system, the maintenance cycle of the core component vibrating wheel is 1000 hours, and only 10 liters of oil is required


the shock absorption effect of the cab reaches good level

Sany full hydraulic roller has a high-grade fully enclosed, three-level shock absorption cab, and the cab noise is less than 84dB (a), which is leading in the industry

it is understood that Sany's full hydraulic shock absorption effect has reached the "good level", which is different from the "approved" level of other brands. Sany cab makes the operator more comfortable and the operation simpler

21 years of polished technology, in addition to excellent quality, users can edit reports in any format as needed. At present, Sany full hydraulic roller/grader Spring Festival tuanjuhui "overweight plan" is in hot progress. There are benefits every day, surprises every week, and the lottery at the end of the month is really a gift to BMW, which is a great deal

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