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Shanghai healthy interior wall coating standard is only two and a half

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healthy interior wall coating standard is only two and a half

June 12, 2001

in the quality supervision and management of Shanghai building materials industry, what is the specific process of metal tensile test? In an interview with Xinyu engineering and material quality testing technology institute and other units, an expert told that although many manufacturers in the market boast their own products as "green" and "healthy" building materials under the overall situation of macroeconomic structural adjustment and transformation promotion, there are not many "green" and "healthy" building materials that are truly in line with international standards

take coatings as an example. In 1998, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the Shanghai local

standard for healthy building interior wall coatings, which is the first local standard for green building materials in China. But so far, only two and a half enterprises in Shanghai have reached this standard, and nearly 100 coating manufacturers in the city have not reached this standard

it is understood that this standard was issued by the Municipal Bureau of quality and technology supervision in 1998, which has seven more requirements on health than the first-class GB standard of the National Environmental Protection Bureau's "environmental protection standard

record". This standard has been in line with the ecological evaluation criteria for interior coatings issued by the European Community in 1995. Recently, Beijing has also followed closely with Shanghai to issue and save the health building materials standards with similar high requirements

it is worth paying attention to that the standard of Shanghai has been issued for more than two years, and there are nearly 100 paint manufacturers in Shanghai. So far, only Shanghai Shengxing resin paint factory and Shanghai Hanbang Chemical Co., Ltd. have reached the standard, and another enterprise is applying for

testing. Although various data have reached the standard, but the certificate has not been obtained, so it can only be counted as half, so the total number of standards can only be counted as two

. Several paint production enterprises that have made great advertising have not reached the standard so far

it is reported that the local standard of "healthy interior wall coatings" formulated in Shanghai is mainly aimed at the biological toxicity of coatings. Zheng Keyong, a senior engineer of the Municipal Quality Supervision Center of building materials industry, said that as a non mandatory local standard for health and environmental protection

coatings, although the relevant parties cannot take compulsory measures to "ban" and "not

quasi production" for substandard products based on this, discerning enterprises should seize the time to make their products meet the standards as soon as possible. Shanghai citizens have become less and less interested in building materials that cause environmental pollution and human pollution

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